Pharma Forecasting Consultancy

Our combined experience in pharmaceutical forecast modelling and analytics means we've worked with a wide cross-section of the industry, including pharmaceutical companies, consultancy firms, and academic departments

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Pangolin can help you achieve your goals

At Pangolin, we understand that the end user wants intuitive, easy-to-use and super-fast tools, especially when sophisticated modelling techniques are used in the background.

Clients call upon Pangolin when they want:

  • A practical approach to forecasting and modelling
  • Results delivered in a straightforward meaningful way
  • A reliable third-party expert who respects their confidentiality

What customers say

The easy-to-use forecast models enable us to pressure test different strategies. Being able to turn around many different scenarios so rapidly offers us a real competitive advantage.

Fritz Meyer, Global forecasting and strategic process, Boehringer Ingelheim

A selection of projects that our founders have been involved in

In-line and pipeline portfolio forecasts across Europe and USAFor due diligence purposes
Vaccine database and forecasting modelsTo identify and evaluate the values of different segments across more than 30 countries
Sales representative target modelsTo set representative targets, based on multiple indicator modelling, distributed and adjusted to monthly goals
Model to create simultaneous forecasts of generic molecules at pack levelFor rapid financial evaluation of baskets of several molecules across multiple countries
Data repository tool with extensive analytics to compare OTC productsTo compare a key drug and its competitors in a wide variety of licensed indications
A Key Account Management toolTo assess and compare the potential of hospitals and to measure brand performance against competition

The Pangolin network

From time to time, Pangolin draw on the experience and skills of a variety of highly specialised associates to perfectly complement their skill sets with the project team. In the majority of cases, the founders will be fully hands-on in the management and development of your project, only seeking outside help if there is a need for a broader reach.